This is the Shake It Up Music Wiki's Site Policy. It's an overview of what is and what isn't acceptable.

Basic Rules

  • Feel free to tell anyone about this site! We'd love to have more visitors and editors.
  • Everyone has their own opinions. Have conversations, but don't attack anyone for not sharing your point of view.
  • Do not use profanity or cursing.
  • We do not tolerate cyber bullying, harassing, threatening, etc.
  • Do not create duplicate or pages that don't have any relevance to Shake It Up's Music.
  • Read this entire policy. Not reading this policy is not an excuse for misbehavior.

Editing Articles

  • Anyone can edit the wiki. Do not erase information unless it is false.
  • Do not make edits just to earn points, such as deleting and then adding a period or a section of an article.
  • Comments should remain on topic.
  • Do not insert false information.
  • When editing song lyrics, try to make them as accurate as possible.
  • If someone edits the lyrics that you put up and you don't agree, please resolve the situation in a civil manner.
  • Commenting and asking for opinions on lyrics is encouraged.


  • Please keep the file names of the images you upload short and neat. The file name should include what the picture is, such as "Live 2 Dance Album Art".
  • Do not upload images with inappropriate content.

User Pages

  • Personalized user pages are encouraged.
  • Inappropriate content is not allowed on user pages or elsewhere on the wiki.
  • Do not edit anyone else's user page. You may only edit your own user page.
  • Admins may edit user pages.

Warning and Banning System

  • If you do disobey the site policy, the admins will leave a warning on your message wall.
  • If you continue to disregard the site policy, you will be banned.
  • An immediate ban will be given at an admin's discretion.
  • The length of your ban will be determined by an admin.